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What’s a domino? What does Domino Factory play with?

Domino Factory dominoes are rectangular dominoes made of wood, bone, or plastic. It was introduced into China by Italian missionary Domino in the second year of Xuanhe by Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty. Domino is also known as Domino. When playing, falling dominoes are arranged vertically according to a certain distance and direction. Gently knock down the first domino, and the other dominoes will fall down in turn, forming a chain reaction. Dominoes can be made of cuboid dominoes made of wood, bone, plastic, etc., according to personal preference. Domino factory


The dominoes themselves come in about eight colors, known as the “basic colors.” These basic colors are monochrome, if you want to form a beautiful pattern, you need to color the dominoes, color is also divided into two kinds, one is the brush dye, the other is Poska special pen paint.

Domino factory

The game rules of dominoes are simple, arrange a number of dominoes, push down the first one, the rest fall in turn, according to preferences, imagination, hands ability to form different shapes, different patterns, or long dragons or flowers or figures. People not only like the sound and sight of the dominoes falling one by one, but also appreciate the different patterns made of dominoes and the process of laying them out. Therefore, the different patterns of the dominoes are scored in the competition, and the aesthetic feeling when the dominoes fall one by one is also a factor in the competition of dominoes.

When playing dominoes, not only exercise hands-on ability, combination of hand and brain ability, brain thinking ability, but also exercise the quality of patience, confidence and persistence.

Dominoes have a certain physics to them; Falling dominoes fall vertically, its center of gravity, its gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy (also contains internal energy losses), the dominoes fell into a domino down, passed during the kinetic energy, and make up the dominoes fall the domino’s gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy, the second domino convert their kinetic energy along with the rest of the first kinetic energy transfer to the third · · · · · ·

Dominoes may be used as a metaphor for the phenomenon of “pulling strings”, calling it the “domino effect”

Post time: Jun-30-2022