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What is the origin and meaning of “dominoes”?

Dominoes dominoes are rectangular dominoes made of wood, bone or plastic. When playing, arrange the dominoes in a row at a certain distance, gently touch the first dominoes, and the other dominoes will have a chain reaction and fall down in turn. Domino is an entertainment activity that can cultivate people's creativity, enhance self-confidence and elegant taste. It is not limited by time and place. It is very good for developing participants' intelligence, creativity and imagination, and training participants' practical ability and thinking ability. More importantly, it can cultivate participants' will and carry forward team spirit to the greatest extent.

The history of dominoes dominoes is actually the "Pai Gow" in ancient China. According to records, after it spread to Italy in the 18th century, people used the points on Pai Gow to do some jigsaw puzzles. Later, an Italian curiously erected the dominoes and gradually developed into the original "domino". The most primitive way of playing domino is just a single line. The competition is who pushes more and farther. Then dominoes developed from single line to plane, and people began to use dominoes to form some words and patterns. Now dominoes are further developing towards the three-dimensional level, and the application of high-tech achievements, coupled with sound, light and electric effects, has made the transmission of dominoes power in various forms, and at the same time, its artistry has been enhanced.

How to place dominoes dominoes dominoes themselves have about 8 colors, which are generally called "basic colors". These basic colors are monochrome. If you want to spell a beautiful pattern, the key step is to paint the dominoes. There are two methods of coloring: one is to paint the dominoes with a brush stained with pigment. This method is mostly used to paint monochrome. Sometimes a dominoes will require a variety of colors. At this time, a special pen called poska is used, which is actually a kind of paint. Finally, before pushing the dominoes, the outward side of the dominoes should be painted with a more uniform color.

Another key step is stacking. Although some tools can stack more than a dozen dominoes at a time, dominoes in many places still need to be operated one by one, sometimes even with tweezers and other tools. "Domino effect". The energy generated by this effect is very huge. The physical principle of this effect is: when the dominoes stand up, the center of gravity is higher, and when they fall down, the center of gravity decreases. In the process of falling down, it converts its gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. When it falls on the second card, the kinetic energy is transferred to the second card, and the second card transfers the sum of the kinetic energy transferred from the first card and the kinetic energy converted from its own gravitational potential energy in the process of falling down to the third card..... Therefore, when each card falls, it has more kinetic energy than the previous card, so their speed is faster than each other, that is, the energy they push down in turn is greater than each other. Physicist a of the University of British Columbia. Whitehead once made and used a set of dominoes, a total of 13, and the first one was the smallest. Length 9. 53mm, width 4. 76mm, thickness 1. 19mm, not as big as small fingernails. After that, each piece will be expanded by 1. Five times, this figure is based on a 1 when a domino falls. Five times the size of the dominoes. The largest sheet 13 is 61mm long and 30 wide. 5mm, thickness 7. 6mm, the size of the card surface is close to that of playing cards, and the thickness is equivalent to 20 times of that of playing cards. Arrange this set of dominoes at appropriate intervals and gently push down the first one, which will inevitably affect the 13th one. The energy released when the 13th dominoes fell was more than 2 billion times larger than when the first card fell. Because the energy of domino effect increases exponentially. If you push down the first dominoes, use 0. 024 micro joules, the energy released by the fallen 13th dominoes reaches 51 joules. It can be seen that the energy generated by the domino effect is indeed eye popping. But a. After all, whitet didn't make the 32nd dominoes, because it will be up to 415m, twice as high as the Empire State Building in New York. If someone makes such a set of dominoes, the skyscraper will be knocked down with one finger. Implication: chain reaction.

Post time: Mar-20-2022