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One set sold for 24000 dollars. Due to the epidemic, poker became popular, and LV launched customized chips

Recently, Louis Vuitton, a luxury brand, launched a $24000 poker chip set, which is luxurious and greedy. Obviously, the French fashion company also noticed the upsurge of poker during the covid-19 blockade.

Non ordinary people's playthings

Although there are many luxury chips in the poker market, this new product is far from being comparable to other luxury chips in the current poker market, and the name of Louis Vuitton alone has promoted this set of chips to a high position.

This set of chips is not as ordinary and cheap as those chips often seen on the regular card table, but people like Bill Perkins and Dan bilzerian may be interested in such luxuries.

There is no doubt that the recent vigorous development of the online poker industry has attracted the attention of the Paris company, and I believe they have been paying attention to the trend of the poker market. Earlier, their cooperation in the football World Cup has achieved great benefits. Recently, they sponsored E-sports competitions and produced a fashion series with the theme of hero League.

Real "luxury" guest

Like the chip set we usually use at the regular card table, the maximum price will not exceed $100, and there are many options for chip sets less than $100.

But if you want to be different, you can also find the chip set made by Stahl, a Swedish jeweler. The chip set of $150000 per set is believed to make you the most beautiful kid on the field. This set of chips is based on 18 carat platinum with diamonds and rubies on the edge.

Not the most expensive, only more expensive! The chip set produced by Geoffrey Parker, a luxury game manufacturer in London, is considered to be the most expensive poker chip set in the world.

The set of chips is inlaid with 22364 gemstones, with a total of 1012 carats. In 2011, the package was valued at an incredible $7.5 million. In contrast, the Louis Vuitton version of the chip set mentioned above is more approachable.

Post time: Jun-20-2020