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KTV dice play and explanation

Many people like to roll dice when they go to bars and KTV. Here is a simple way to play


The first is quercus sauce and friends most often play, here we call brag, other places may have different name, the rules are very simple and easy to use.


Each person holds a pair of dice (usually 5)


Everyone roll the dice and choose one to start guessing




1, the number is composed of points + number. The number is the sum of the dice rolled by each person


2, the size of the number is 1 to 6, the number of words depends on the number of people, such as 2 people, then at least 3, such as 3 2, 3 3 and so on. Three will require four to start, and so on.


3. 1 point is a special number that can be used as any number. For example, the number I roll now is 1, 2, 2, 2, 5. So I have four twos and one five. There’s a special case where one is declared separately, one doesn’t have to be any arbitrary number, so one is just one.


4. Rules for Winning and losing:


(1) The game ends when one of the players calls off. (Arbitrate the number just reported)


(2) When the number of prescriptions is less than or equal to the current total, it is the victory of the participant. For example, if the number of sixes one person is currently rolling is four, the next person is rolling, and all dice add up to five sixes, the number of sixes in this roll is less than the total number of remainder, and the result is that the person who is rolling wins. And vice versa.


The second kind is the gold flower, yes and the card of the gold flower is about the same, we are also called chasing the wind.


Each hand also had three dice instead of five.




1, the general rules and cards of the zha gold flower is about the same, compared with the zha gold dice there is no uniform, the same pair, straight, leopard, and 235 catch leopard. (1 doesn’t mean anything here.)


2, each start can shake three times, shake to the ideal combination can stop.


3. For example, when we have 5 people playing the game, we can open the game after we roll the ideal number in our hearts at the beginning. There is no dice with the same combination on the spot, for example, A rolls two fives and A three, and B also rolls two fives and A three. If you don’t have a 235 and a leopard then it depends on who has the smallest dice, so if C is the smallest, if C rolls a 3, a 4, a 6 you have to take the penalty and roll it three more times, and if it’s still the smallest you still have to take the penalty and roll it again. After catching up with the second smallest D (225), D is required to carry out the process of C.

Post time: Jun-20-2022