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How are the levels of Chess players differentiated

Chess player level

A chess player may be awarded a rank title by THE FEDERATION if he has achieved certain results in various competitions stipulated by the Federation. In face to face competitions, there are five international titles: grandmaster, International Master, FIDE Master, women’s grandmaster, women’s international Master. Grandmaster is the highest title, which requires one of the following qualifications: (1) Any player who participates in a world Championship challenger match; ② An international master or fide master who has won a grand master twice or more in a match with no less than 24 games in total, with an international rating of at least 2450.

The international Master title can be awarded if one of the following conditions is met: ① The player who has won the International Master title twice or more in a match with no less than 24 rounds in total, with at least 2350 international grade points; ② The first place in the following competitions: World Women’s Championship, Regional Championship, World Youth Championship, European Youth Championship, American Youth Championship, African Youth Championship.

One of the following conditions can be awarded the title of FIDE Master: (1) The player who has won the title of FIDE Master twice or more in a total of no less than 24 games, with at least 2250 international rating points; ② The first prize in the World Championship of Middle School students (under 17 years old); (3) In a world Championship, the number of matches in a cycle is not less than 13 games, achieve 1 fide master.

The winner of the title of women grandmaster can meet one of the following conditions: ① The winner of the title of women grandmaster twice or more in the total number of matches not less than 24 rounds, with at least 2250 international grade points; ② Win 1 women’s grandmaster in a cycle of no less than 13 games in a women’s World Championship.

The winner of the title of Women’s International Master is one of the following: ① The winner of the title of women’s International Master twice or more in the total number of matches not less than 24 matches, with at least 2100 international rating points; ② Win 1 Women’s International Master at the same time by playing no less than 13 rounds in a world Championship cycle.


World crown

Chess had its first official world champion in 1886. For most of the century that followed, there was a single recognized chess champion. But between 1993 and 2006, the world of chess was divided by the emergence of two independent chess organisations, FIDE and PCA. After the joint efforts of many, 2006, international chess federation and professional chess association of the two major chess king finally launched a face to face confrontation. After 12 games of slow chess and 4 games of fast chess, the “traditional world champion” Russian chess player Kramnik defeated the FIDE world champion Bulgarian chess player Topalov 8.5 to 7.5, becoming the new unified chess king. After the end of the match, also marked the international chess community after 13 years of division, to reunification.

Post time: Jun-08-2022