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Dominoes – Feel different from the group built Domino Factory



The rules of the game of dominoes are very simple. The dominoes are arranged in single rows, or in branches, with a certain spacing. Push down the first domino, the rest of the chain reaction fell in turn, or form a long dragon, or form a pattern, domino impact sound, clear and sweet; When the dominoes fall, they change. In addition to placing single line, multi line, text and other kinds of domino modeling, can also be used as building blocks, building houses, building archway, made into a variety of puzzles. Domino factory


Domino Factory Domino is a hands-on, brain sport. A pattern consists of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dominoes. The dominoes, laid out one by one, not only test the participants’ physical strength, endurance and willpower, but also develop their intelligence, imagination and creativity.


Domino is a culture. It originated in China and has a history of thousands of years. The long development process endows it with unique educational function. The dominoes fall down again and again due to accidents, and the participants are constantly facing and experiencing the blow of failure. Encounter setbacks do not discourage, do not shrink back, to build confidence, summon up courage, again. Only after countless such experiences will people become mature and eventually successful.


Domino is a can cultivate people’s creative ability, and enhance self-confidence, good taste, entertainment, and is not restricted by time, place, participants to the development of intelligence, creativity and imagination, to train participants beginning ability, thinking ability is very good, and, more importantly, it can cultivate the will of the participants, maximum limit display team spirit.


Domino Factory Domino play


The original game of dominoes was just a single line, competing to see who could push more and farther. Then dominoes developed from a single line to a plane, and people began to use dominoes to form some words and patterns. Domino further toward the three-dimensional level of development, and the application of high-tech achievements, with sound, light, electrical effects, so that the transmission of domino power has a variety of forms, at the same time, its artistic also enhanced.


Dominoes in the process of placing is very hard, small pieces of domino to be accurate placement, need excellent patience and endurance. Participants basically use “kneeling” operation to lower the body’s center of gravity, during which as long as a card is not placed in place may produce “not fall card” and affect the overall situation. It is true that one wrong move loses the whole game.


When the design has been put, because of the interference of error or external factors, often can appear large area “pour card” phenomenon. Every time at this point, the participants stroked the red knee, the heart has reached the edge of collapse, the brave can only wipe away tears silently “kneel down” again, this “kneel down” is actually his (her) life a great “stand”, a face failure and frustration “stand up”.


There are some large areas of special patterns that require multiple people to work together. The team spirit of unity and cooperation will be reflected incisively and vividly in this activity. Everyone has different living habits, but they need not only at this time in step, also must be consistent “tone”, domino accurate placement is not only responsible for yourself, but also responsible for others, responsibility for global, so the dominoes are put, the more psychological stress is, the greater the strength of will, the more This kind of total commitment can only be tasted by engaging in it. When a grand scale of dominoes placed in the general situation, which contains how much sweat and hope, through repeated trials, after many times “inverted”. The thrilling moment began when that trembling finger gently touched the first domino, with every ingenious idea bursting with inspiration, every mechanism reflecting wisdom, and every fallen domino leaving an unexpected radiance. That once long, tedious hardships is for this brief moment of brilliance.


The essence of dominoes


Life is like a game. It is not easy to play. You need a good attitude and a good grasp of every day.


People do things, do enterprises, to learn patience, focus, persistence, to have the spirit of struggle, adhere to the end is victory.


To keep pace with The Times, the courage to forge ahead, endless.


Domino’s requirements for the venue


The development of domino movement is restricted by the site factors, but it will not be impossible to complete the stacking because of the site restrictions, take an example: Most of our homes are paved with floor tiles, brick and brick between a joint, so for the thickness of the following 5 mm dominoes, this joint will virtually cause some difficulties to the placement of dominoes, in this case we can not be placed? Certainly can, we just need to change the dominoes can, the thickness of the dominoes is greater than the width of the joint can be placed smoothly.


So what kind of site conditions are the most suitable for placing dominoes? For example, indoor basketball hall, badminton hall, tennis hall, indoor aerobics room and so on are paved with seamless wood floor, and the flatness is very good, very suitable for the placement of dominoes. There are a number of conference rooms, auditoriums have a large activity space, and the ground is flat, paved with small joints or jointless floor tiles or marble ground, such a space can also carry out domino activities.


Dominoes activity venues are mostly indoor, of course, in the outdoor can also be carried out, in the sunny weather in the outdoor domino has a place where it shows its skill, even large dominoes can be placed on the lawn; Small dominoes can also be used outdoors, in windless weather, if the ground allows, of course.


In some special occasions, such as the press conference, the launch ceremony of the ground are covered with carpet, is such a condition is unable to achieve domino? In the development of society, dominoes are also developing, in special occasions dominoes will use special props, so that it can also play freely on the carpet. Since the carpet can be of any size domino pattern, and then in the home also can be of any size domino pattern, and examples of such as what we talked about the first paragraph, the home of the floor crack is too big, only 5 mm thickness at the hands of the dominoes, what should we do, we can use the doors and Windows sealing tape gluing the gap, it is so small dominoes can packed.

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