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Chess Factory: How are Chess sets placed

Chess positions are as follows:Chess factory

From the lower left corner, chariot, horse, elephant, queen, king, elephant, horse, chariot, the front is the soldier, when the attack is basically the first soldier. It is “soldiers in a row together, the two sides of the carriage and horse like alignment, white queen put in the white grid, black black don’t forget, leave a grid for the emperor”.


Chess factory originated in Asia and was introduced to Europe by The Arabs. There are different opinions about its origin, such as originating in ancient India, Arab countries, Persia, China, etc. However, according to historical legends, chess was first originated in ancient India, which was actually described in Asian Studies in 1790.

Chess factory board has 64 squares, 32 for each black and white, 16 for each black and white. Dark squares are called black squares, and light squares are called white squares.

In chess, white moves first and black follows, and the two sides alternate moves. The pawn can only move straight forward, one at a time, and the first move can be two.

Distinguish the king from the queen. The king has a cross on his head, and the queen has a crown. The white queen has a white grid, and the black queen has a black grid.

Post time: Jun-29-2022